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Maintaining Your Gutters

Stop water before it damages your roof or foundation with seamless gutters and gutter toppers from A1 Seamless Gutters in Niantic, Connecticut. From gutter cleaning to gutter repair, our company takes care of all of your drainage needs, and all of our services are competitively priced.


Out with the Old and In with the New

Our gutters move water away from your home and prevent costly damage from rain and debris. Whether you are moving in, remodeling, or replacing a roof, our installations are always done right and to your exact specifications. You have a number of options when it comes to choosing gutters, including half-round, K-style aluminum, and copper gutters. We carry more than 15 color choices to complement your home.

Prevent leaves and debris from clogging up your downspouts. We install seamless gutter and topers from industry-leading manufacturers, like five-inch wide gutters from Leaf Solutions™ and Gutter Topper™. We even carry the six-inch wide Leaf Terminator™ for commercial clients. These durable items are made of heavy-gauge aluminum that lasts through any weather.

Patching Leaks and Damages

Instead of replacing large sections of your gutter, save money by repairing minor leaks and damage. We have patch kits to fix any type of damage. We are also able to extend downspouts away from the foundation of your home to ensure that water is not pooling.

Who Says the Gutter Has to Be Dirty?

Make sure that water has a clear path away from your home by removing any debris and clogs from your gutters. The best way to check your drainage is by ensuring that water is flowing freely down your waterspout. When that stream slows to a trickle, we clean away any blockages, including those caused by mulch, plants, and other debris. For anyone interested, we schedule regular cleanings for fall and spring.